Graham Sutherland

Graham Sutherland was an English artist best known for his paintings of abstract landscapes and his portraits of public figures. Sutherland also worked in other media, including printmaking, tapestry, and glass design. Printmaking, mostly of romantic landscapes, dominated Sutherland's work during the 1920s. He developed his art by working in watercolours before switching to using oil paints in the 1940s. A series of surreal oil painting depicting the Pembrokeshire landscape secured his reputation as a leading British modern artist. He served as an official war artist in the World War II, painting industrial scenes on the British home front. During his career, Sutherland taught at a number of art colleges, notably at Chelsea School of Art and at Goldsmiths College, where he had been a student. Works by Sutherland are held in the collections of London's National Portrait Gallery; the Fitzwilliam Museum; the National Museum Wales; Manchester Art Gallery; and the Southampton City Art Gallery.