William Tillyer: The Revisionist Wire Works

1 December 2006 - 6 January 2007

In December Bernard Jacobson Gallery will be showing a group of six new large paintings by William Tillyer. Under the group title "The Revisionist Wire Works" these paintings hark back to Tillyer's earlier experimentation with the grid structure and the mesh. Each of the paintings uses an industrial wire mesh as the painting ground. Using this mesh Tillyer has found a way of letting paint hang in space, in front of, on and behind the picture plane. Coupled with Tillyers characteristic use of illusionistic geometric form these paintings continue the artist's engagement with reality and illusion in the history of painting. The familiar landscape references of much of Tillyer's oeuvre are hinted at by colour and gesture, although, in the end, the works appear entirely abstract.

In addition to this exciting group of new paintings we will show a small survey of Tillyer's works from throughout the artist's 40 year career. Over the last 35 years Bernard Jacobson has collected key paintings by Tillyer in order that one day we would be able to show the depth of his artistic achievement. Tragically a considerable number of these works were destroyed in the Momart fire in 2004. We will present a small selection of those that were not lost.

"The next series may or may not have evident links to the last. The chances are that one will seem to contradict the other to some degree. It takes some awareness of Tillyer's procedures, and the principles they rest on, to find the unity of attitude and aim behind it all." Norbert Lynton quoted from his book William Tillyer, Against the Grain. 21 Publishing, 2000, London.