Larry Bell 

6 June - 29 June 2007

'From the moment I saw his work, I was struck by a haunting and illusive quality that I have never been able to quite reconcile - an impact resulting from the ambiguous dichotomy created by icy industrial materials and the rich warmth that each piece radiates: one sees it trapped in a precise glass cube, or in a disc of pure light dancing on a square of black canvas.' Douglas Kent Hall

This June the Bernard Jacobson Gallery is pleased to present a new group of works by the LA artist Larry Bell.

In the early '60s Larry Bell was working in a frame shop in Venice, California when he started to pick up off-cuts of glass and play around with them. He became fascinated by the edges of the glass shards, the way it simultaneously reflected and transmitted light. After working on various ways to include glass in his paintings Bell settled on the cube as the ideal form with which to explore his fascinations. Eventually investing in a vacuum coating machine allowed him to produce his own mirror effects.

Bell became a leading figure in the LA art scene. Many prominent figures including Marcel Duchamp, one of Bell's heroes, would come to visit the studio to see Bell and his works.

Larry Bell is one of only 8 living people to feature on the Beatles' Sgt Pepper album cover designed by Peter Blake.

The exhibition will feature new glass cubes, each unique, measuring 15 inches cubed. As well as these glass cubes we will also be exhibiting a large-scale 4-panel glass sculpture.

Larry Bell will be in London for the opening. Please contact Lilly McNeill for further information and images.