Graduated Cardiff Art College
Video / Sound Installation & Performance

The Arnolfini Gallery Bristol
1st Graduate Exhibition
Video/Sound Installation (as part of group show)

Began publishing art works via Radio & Television

Formed Freur / Underworld with Rick Smith & John Warwicker

Exploration of degraded video imagery
Contributor to artwork of Underworld record sleeves

Formation of the multi-disciplinary creative studio Tomato with Rick Smith, John Warwicker, Simon Taylor & others

Began a long-term project documenting journeys through cities gathering fragments of 'text.'
Things Seen & Overheard (still ongoing)

Published first book of text gathered from the street mapping New York, Mmm... Skyscraper. I Love You. In collaboration with John Warwicker. Published by Booth-Clibborn Editions

Exhibitions of Text of windows in the streets of Paris/Prague/London/Tokyo

'Artjams' with other Tomato members to create artworks for Underworld albums Dubnobasswithmyheadman & Second Toughest in the Infants

Cheap Plastic Camera
Begin making photographic explorations of cities using a similar process to the gathering of text fragments

Photographic & text works in Tomato group book 'Process; a Tomato project.'
Published by Thames & Hudson

Cheap Plastic Layers
Began creating long photographic strips by passing film through the camera multiple times (another development of the 'text gathering' process)

Tokyo <=> London. Shisedo Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
Contributed text maps of city fragments for a 'text maze' as part of a Tomato group show, Tokyo <=> London

Made a film documenting the crossing of America, coast-to-coast, expanding on the process used in Cheap Plastic Layers

Created the film Van Halen Van Halen Rock Guitar Band, to be projected in 360 degrees

Process; A Tomato Projekt, Munchen. Die Neue Sammlung, Munich
360 degrees film & sound installation for Van Halen Van Halen Rock Guitar Band as part of the Tomato group exhibition

Published photographic / text work in the catalogue Process; A Tomato Project, Munchen, published by Bangart

Channel 4 UK screening of the film Van Halen Van Halen Rock Guitar Band

One dot Zero festival film screening of Van Halen Van Halen Rock Guitar Band

Life. Bregenz, Austria
Contributed to the photographic exhibition, Life. Work displayed on concrete on billboards in the streets of Bregenz as part of the Tomato contribution to the exhibition

Dogboy/Headset. Lexington Street Gallery London Soho
Large photographic works from the Cheap Plastic Layers series as joint exhibition with a Rick Smith sound installation

Bareback. Published by Laurence King
Photographic & text works in Tomato group book Bareback

Merz. Sprengel Museum, Hanover
Contributed artwork as part of Merz, a major retrospective on the life and work of Kurt Schwitters

Generation of moving images & artworks to be projected on huge screens at Underworld concerts (on going)

Start of a project publishing artworks & text on the web every day (on going)

In the Belly of St. Paul. Underworld Print
Published second book of text gathered from the streets, in collaboration with John Warwicker. This time... the streets of London. Each book individually numbered and includes one of 1,000 photographs taken on a journey from Romford (UK) into Soho (London). Everyone who buys a book is asked to register their name & location online. As they are registered the photographs are 'revealed' in a grid within the Underworld web site showing where in the world the books have ended up. 

Real and Imaginary Flowers. La Foret, Tokyo and Fukuoka, Japan
Contributed to Tomato's exhibition at La Foret

Un Mobil en la Patera. EACC, Castellon, Spain
Contributed to Tomato's installation within the group exhibition Un Mobil en la Patera

Formation of ARTJAM with Rick Smith, John Warwicker & Simon Taylor to collectively engage in the making of live artworks & to include artists from the cities we exhibit in

ARTJAM at the Oblivion Ball, Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan
Created large scale artwork as part of this ARTJAM in front of an audience of 25,000

Beautiful Burnout. Jacobson-Howard Gallery, New York
Exhibition of photographs, drawings & live paintings as part of the ARTJAM, Beautiful Burnout (broadcast daily via internet)

Serpentine Gallery, London
Joint poetry performance with Brian Eno

What's going on in your head when you're Dancing? La Foret Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
First one-man painting & drawing exhibition including live painting performance to an audience in the gallery & to global audience via web cast. 5,000 visitors

Begin collaboration with fellow artist Marty St James on works inspired by the theme of 'Journey' - out of which is evolving a series of drawings on Japanese folding books

Started to publish an ongoing series of 'digital' artworks created on iPhone & iPad - prints, films & online artworks

Developing an app based on my painting & drawing process

Established Hastings International Airport - an online collaboration between myself & fellow artists John Warwicker & Toru Yoshikawa to exchange & evolve a common language through photography

Invited by the Royal College of Art London to attend as visiting lecturer working within the department of Communication Art & Design

Invited by the Whitechapel Gallery London to curate a series of abstract films as part of the year long installation by the artist Josiah McElheny