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Karl Hyde is a British artist and musician with the renowned band Underworld. Hyde graduated from Cardiff Art College in 1978 having studied video, installation and performance art. In 1979 he formed Freur, the band that would soon become the acclaimed Underworld, who are famed for their thrilling, visually inventive stage shows as well as their soundtrack work with the film director Danny Boyle on Trainspotting, the Olivier award-nominated Frankenstein, and the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. 2007 saw the formation of Art Jam, an international collaborative artist's group made up of members of Tomato, Underworld and friends, who have realised projects in Tokyo and New York. Hyde's large-scale paintings, diptychs and triptychs are entirely abstract gestural works, which have an affinity to both abstract expressionism and Japanese calligraphy. Although Hyde has often exhibited internationally, Bernard Jacobson Gallery held the first exhibition of his paintings in the UK in August 2012, and featured the work that was shown at his one-man painting show at the La Foret Museum in Tokyo in 2011. 


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