Pia Fries at Neue Galerie, Gladbeck
15 February - 29 March 2013
Opening: 15 February, 19:30

Press Release
The exhibition Pia Fries / Vera Lossau unites two artists, exhibited together for the first time. Pia Fries takes on the painting part of the exhibition, Vera Lossau takes on installation.

Pia Fries is an MA student of Gerhard Richter. From 1980 to 1986 she attended his painting classes at the Kunstakademie Dusselborf. Pia Fries' painting has contributed to the forward-thinking definition of 'Abstract Painting.' The Swiss artist deals with the conflict behind the reality of paint: paint as real material. At the same time she incorporates the painted work with reality and through this oscillation between tangibility and a complex appearance, she emphasises specific differences.

Paint is the material of her paintings; applied in hard and soft creases, in a gentle veil and in thick blankets, like glowing skin and lush drapery, with toneless coats and adaptable blending. Pia Fries's work develops colour, which is together bound alongside the material in its richness of appearance. Pia Fries always uses colour in relation to other colour. Paint is never isolated and can only be described in the plural. In terms of colour it is always affected by more paint. They are mixed in this way and that, influenced and relativised by each other. Nonetheless incisive colours compose a palette of preferred tones: full yellow, varied violets, light turquoise, pink... Furthermore, paint is always a worked material, both formed, shaped and a result of the painting process. In Pia Fries' painting the relationship of painted colour to the white background is discovered through conscious effort and shows the picture as a series of layers; paint becomes the basis of, for and against paint. Painting produces visibility through concealment, silencing, negation and elimination. The unpainted parts of the white background also act as a blank space in the painting. It's as if a state of temporary fixidity is achieved, while at the same time the paint appears to move and become a new painting. The work appears transitory and deals with the subtle change of paint through painting. 

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