Soulages: XXIe siècle
Exhibition from the 12th October 2012 - 28 January 2013

Representing one of the major figures of French abstraction, Pierre Soulages has made black his distinctive sign. The forthcoming exhibition at the Musée des Beaux-arts de Lyon echoes the recent acquisition of three works by the artist: Brou de noix sur papier 60.5 x 65.5 cm, 1947, Peinture 202 x 143 cm, 22 novembre 1967 and Peinture 181 x  244 cm, 25 février 2009

Presented on the occasion of the new hanging of the 20th century rooms, these works introduce an exhibition that does not stand in for a retrospective like the one organized by the Centre Pompidou in 2009, but that presents thirty of the artist's most recent paintings. These canvases actualize the research of Pierre Soulages on the "ultra black" or outrenoir - that is, the multiple possibilities to render light from black.

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