Bram Bogart: A Master of Matter
22 September 2012 - 13 January 2013

Long-awaited homage to the Dutch-Belgian master of post-war Matter Painting

The Cobra Museum presents the finest large-scale selection of paintings by Bram Bogart (1921-2012) seen in the Netherlands for many years. Bogart felt strongly connected to great artists - including William Turner, Constant Permeke, August Herbin, Lucio Fontana, Zoltan Kemeny, Bart van der Leck and Jan Schoonhoven - and major works by these artists are included to illustrate their relationship with Bogart's overall artistic development. The museum shows amongst these the only painting by William Turner from a Dutch museum collection.

The exhibition is an homage to Bram Bogart whose monumental Matter Paintings won him exceptional international fame during his long and active career. For the first time the works created in recent decades are being shown in combination with his earlier work.

The exhibition is surprisingly multifaced, with a selection of paintings from 1939 through to 2009, but with a special focus on the 1950's. Bogart's painting bears witness to an exceptional sense of colour, material and composition, with a characteristic monumentality and innovative use of paint. The works moreover reveal Bogart's transition from figurative to abstract painting. Unique film footage, historic documents and photographs present a lively impression of this 'Master of Matter.'

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