William Tillyer: Farrago

27 November 2005

Bernard Jacobson Gallery presents three exhibitions of works by William Tillyer this November.

At 14a Clifford Street the gallery will be filled with a number of constructed works from the Farrago series. These works are large wooden constructions where paint and surface have come together in a union of colour and movement. Visible behind the large sweeping colours are skylines, sunsets and landscapes.Tillyers work has continued to play with the relationships between the natural and the man made, landscape and interiors, and the harmony and disharmony that these two opposing forms create. Matisse once said of his work, 'œwhat I dream of is an art of balance of purity and serenity, a soothing calming influence, something like a good armchair'. Tillyer's work is concerned with depicting that moment, when the two elements become one and co-exist harmoniously within the same space.

At 19 Clifford replica horloges Street works on paper form the Farrago series will be on display. Tillyer, renowned for his watercolours, has produced a series that complement the large constructed works in the main gallery.

Utilizing the new space on Cork Street, Bernard Jacobson Gallery is proud to be able to offer the first British showing of a series of paintings from the 1980's entitled The Victorian Canvases. The works, originally exhibited in Australia and then New York. These, paintings named after Melbourne suburbs, have been cut through so that as well as illustionistic space one becomes aware of the actuall space between the canvas and the wall. Tillyer 's investigations into space have been remarkably thorough. By replica rolex constantly exploring and reading interior/exterior space, form and design he has looked at every permutation of invented , illusionistic and actual space.