British Pop Art Prints at Bernard Jacobson Graphics
15 August - 7 September 2012

Bernard Jacobson Gallery os pleased to announce the opening of our new print show featuring works by the most renowned British Pop artists, such as Richard Hamilton, Eduardo Paolozzi, Patrick Caulfield, David Hockney, R.B. Kitaj, Richard Smith and Peter Blake. The show spans one decade of British Pop Art, in which many iconic works were created.

The first traces of British Pop Art are to be found as early as 1950 when Richard Hamilton and Eduardo Paolozzi formed the nucleus of the Independent Group, which sought to link popular mainstream culture with revered 'Fine Art.' The father of this new movement, Richard Hamilton, is represented in this exhibition with "Berlin Interior"; a work which depicts an everyday living space combining both photogravure and etching. The next generation of Pop artists, including Peter Blake and Richard Smith, attempted to deal with the themes inherent in the Pop Art movement with renewed vigor. Peter Blake collated popular images found in the media or advertising, thereby creating collages which both juxtaposed and synthesized popular culture. The recycling of found images into works of art highlights Pop Art's desire to both utilize and explore the culture of mass production. Furthermore, the reproduction of these works into prints meant that Pop Art became accessible to more people. Artists such as Richard Smith chose to produce abstract works depicting objects from everyday life, which transformed the mundane into art.

The younger generation represented in this show includes Patrick Caulfield, David Hockney and R.B. Kitaj, who all studied at the Royal College of Art in London and exhibited together in the show "Young Contemporaries" in 1961. Although not exclusively considered Pop artists, they were influenced by former generations of artists working within the movement. Using subjects and motifs from everyday life and popular culture these artists' work convey the development of the movement.

This exhibition shows some of David Hockney's illustrations for the tales by the Brothers Grimm, PAtrick Caulfield's brightly coloured close-ups from the Portfolio "Jules Laforgue" and "A Life" by R.B. Kitaj.

Bernard Jacobson published many of the aforementioned artists throughout his career as a prints publisher. The portfolio "18 Small Prints" was published by Bernard Jacobson in 1973 and unites the most famed British and American artists of this time, some of which feature in this exhibition.

Notes to Editors: The Bernard Jacobson Gallery was founded in 1969 and is a major dealer specializing in modern and contemporary British and international art. Situated in the central London district of Mayfair the gallery has two main exhibition spaces and a graphics department all within 6 Cork Street. In March 2011 Bernard Jacobson Gallery opened a new space in New York at 17 East 71st Street, NY 10021. The gallery also has a strong presence at major international art fairs, participating at Art Hong Kong, The Armory Show, Art Basel, Frieze Masters, Expo Chicao, and Art Basel Miami.

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