Gallery Group Show

10 May - 25 June 2011

Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London, is pleased to present a group show of works by selected gallery artists. Robert Motherwell, Ben Nicholson, Graham Sutherland, Robyn Denny, William Tillyer, Harold Cohen, Bruce McLean, Marc Vaux, Bram Bogart and Pia Fries have all left their distinctive marks in the history of modern art. 

“Painted Relief” (1941) by one of the most radical British artists of the 20th century, Ben Nicholson (1894-1982), is a perfect example of his simple and austere geometric style. Nicholson was a prominent member of Unit One, a group of painters, sculptors and architects initially led by Paul Nash. According to Nash, there were two streams of thinking for the contemporary artist: the 'pursuit of form' and the 'pursuit of the soul'. Unlike any other British artist, Nicholson excelled in creating a perfect object. Continuing the tradition of ‘pursuit of form’ is Marc Vaux (b. 1932) with his bright, hard-edged industrial constructions, which one may refer to as pure abstraction.

The impressive nude from 1953, “Mother of Venus” by David Bomberg(1890-1957), is one of the artist’s most mysterious paintings. The cracking of the pigment on her body - probably caused by an unusual amount of overpainting – shows the process of creative struggle undertaken to arrive at the desired result. Also in the show is Graham Sutherland’s(1903-1980) later work “Standing Rock Form” (1972), a semi-abstract composition of haunting shapes and distinct colouring, which Sutherland was very much famous for. Robyn Denny (b.1930) was one of the first British artists to recognize the importance of Abstract Expressionism and to promote the movement in Britain. “Cross Patch 2” (1964) was executed at a period when Denny explored space and the means of challenging the viewer’s perception.

The pioneer of Abstract ExpressionismRobert Motherwell(1915-1991) is represented in the show by “Te Quiero” (1971) from the “Je T’aime” series. Throughout his half-century-long career, Motherwell concentrated on a relatively limited number of motifs, exploring concepts of Jungean archetypes and automatism. His highly sophisticated and intellectual approach to the creative process and deep understanding of art history resulted in work of universal content that meditates on oppression, rebellion, life and death.

William Tillyer’s (b. 1938) “The Helmsley Sky Studies 6Z” (2010) belongs to a series of recent paintings where Tillyer once again turns back to the English landscape tradition.

Other significant works include: a mixed media on canvas and a sculpture, “Medium Size Mirage Study # 13” (1993) and “Cube #9” (2004) respectively, by Larry Bell(b. 1939), who currently has a show at the Carré d’Art in Nîmes; recent works by Bruce McLean(b. 1944) and Harold Cohen(b. 1928); and an early work by Bram Bogart(b. 1921), whose major exhibition of new works will be on display in our London Gallery from 28th of June 2011.

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Notes to Editors:
The Bernard Jacobson Gallery was founded in 1969 and is a major dealer specialising in modern and contemporary British and international art. Situated in the central London district of Mayfair the gallery has two main exhibition spaces and a graphics department all within 6 Cork Street. In March 2011 Bernard Jacobson Gallery opened a new space in New York at 17 East 71st Street.

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