Mixed Show | Gallery Artists.

3rd January – 8th February 2014.

Bernard Jacobson Gallery, London is delighted to present a selection of work by gallery artists, including Robert Motherwell, Sam Francis, Robyn Denny, Bram Bogart, Bruce McLean, Kwang Young Chun, Karl Hyde and William Tillyer.

Bruce McLean, Untitled, 2013, Acrylic and pencil on canvas, 100 x 132 cms.

The show features new works by British artists Bruce McLean and Karl Hyde. Bruce McLean’s Untitled (2013) belongs to a series of works, which will be the feature of our next exhibition starting on 12th February. McLean’s experimentation with the picture plane and depicting sculpture -as with his work featured in our 2012 exhibition ‘Bruce McLean: The Shapes of Sculpture’- is here revisited. In Untitled (2013) and other recent work we see overlapping paintings, canvases, studio equipment and objects, which look as if they may be important paintings or sculptural works of art, but are often cardboard cut-out replicas. It is this playful ambiguity, which runs as a theme through McLean’s body of work.

Karl Hyde’s most recent paintings such as Untitled (2013) are executed in mixed media on MDF and are scaled down in comparison to previous works shown in our 2012 exhibition of the artist ‘What’s Going on in Your Head When You’re Dancing?’ Hyde’s brushwork seems lyrical and he appears to take influence from Japanese calligraphy, as well as abstract expressionism.

The work of pioneering abstract expressionist painter Robert Motherwell is represented in the show by Catalonia (1975). Motherwell’s iconic elegy spreads across the canvas; his calligraphic brushstrokes both decisive yet accidental.

The exhibition also features new work by South Korean artist Kwang Young Chun entitled Aggregation 13 JL025. To mark Kwang Young Chung’s 70th birthday Bernard Jacobson Gallery will be holding an exhibition of new work from the artist’s Aggregation series to coincide with the publication of the Rizzoli monograph, Mulberry Mindscapes, opening on Wednesday 12th March and running until 19th April 2014. These two significant events will celebrate one of South Korea’s most important artists. The exhibition will focus on Chun’s most recent and distinctive large, wall hung works covered in small, triangular forms brought together by a wave of colour. Each triangle is made up of varied sized pieces of polystyrene wrapped in mulberry paper (hanji) and tied neatly with lengths of string. Each triangle is individually coloured with natural dyes and are intricately constructed.

´┐╝William Tillyer’s The Watering Place II formed part of his recent exhibition here at the gallery. The show was picked as Artsy’s number seven top gallery show of 2013 and ran in conjunction with the artist’s retrospective at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, which closes on 9th February 2014. The painting reveals Tillyer’s ambition to bring fresh insight to the underlying obsessions of his experimental oeuvre; his investigations into the nature of the art object and its role in the world; and his search for materials and techniques not usually associated with painting.
Another painter to explore abstraction and materiality in painting is the Dutch artist Bram Bogart. Gris et Bleu (1954) is an example of his earlier paintings, where Bogart began to ‘give in’ to gesture and moved towards a thicker impasto with a more aggressive use of heavy materials. Heavy brushwork is similarly demonstrated by Larry Poons in 82H-14 (1982), which also hangs in the show.

Sam Francis’ Untitled (1965) and Marc Vaux's more recent work Untitled (2013) complement each other in their use of peripheral colour work. Vaux’s Untitled continues with the hard structural abstraction seen in his 2010 exhibition ‘New Paintings: Triptychs and Ovals’ at Bernard Jacobson Gallery. Other works of note are Ben Nicholson's Four Forms (1981), Phillip King’s Yellow Disc (2007) and French artist Claude Viallat’s Untitled 288 (2013).

The back room and downstairs gallery contain a selection of prints and editions by leading printmakers and gallery artists. This includes works from Sir Anthony Caro, Frank Stella, Pierre Soulages, Ivor Abrahams, Tom Wesselmann, Richard Smith and Bridget Riley, as well as artists featured in the main gallery.

Notes to Editors:
The Bernard Jacobson Gallery was founded in 1969 and is a major dealer specializing in modern and contemporary British and international art. Situated in Mayfair the gallery has two main exhibition spaces and a graphics department all within 6 Cork Street. In March 2011 Bernard Jacobson Gallery opened a new space in New York at 17 East 71st Street, NY 10021. The gallery also has a strong presence at major international art fairs, participating at Art Hong Kong, London's Pavilion of Art and Design, and the prestigious Art Basel.

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January Mixed Show
3rd January – 1st February 2013
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