Coherent Surface, Radiant Light (New York)

11th May - 31st August
Bernard Jacobson Gallery, New York

Vicky Colombet, #1246-07, 2007-2012, Oil, pigments, alkyd, wax on canvas, 198.1 x 198.1  cms (78 x 78  ins)

Bernard Jacobson Gallery, New York, is pleased to announce their upcoming exhibition: Coherent Surface, Radiant Light, opening on May 1st,
2012. There will be an opening reception on May 11th.

The exhibition explores the artistic objective to depict light, an endeavor that has important historical antecedents.  In Cézanne’s opinion light could not be reproduced, “but must be represented by something else, color”.  The Fauvists, aware that a painter’s pigments, when mixed are duller than light, developed the practice of using colors pure, as they come out of the tube. Ben Nicholson considered the color of light to be white and Malevich described white as the color of the infinite and the primordial.

With work by Larry Bell, Jake Berthot, Bram Bogart, Vicky Colombet, Rudolf De Crignis, James Hayward, Jason Martin, William Tillyer, and Marc Vaux. 

Press Release

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Vicky Colombet, #1246-07, Oil, pigments, alkyd, wax on canvas, 2007-2012, 198.1 x 198.1 cm,
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