Nicholas Pope: An Explanatory

The triptych presented here constitutes Pope's most ambitious work to date. It will consist of the 'Seven7services', representing secular pleasures; 'The Oratory of Heavenly Space' which investigates belief; a Recycling Plant 'Oblivion', that will deal with death. Pope's aim, over time, is for the triptych to be fully realized and to this end he is collaborating with the architect Peter Vaughan of Broadway Malyan on the 'Seven7services.'

Illustrated booklets with accompanying texts in collaboration with Kevin Mount of DeMo dealing with The Oratory of Heavenly Space, the Seven7services and Justice will be available at the exhibition.

Press release

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Nicholas Pope, Untitled White, 1992, Glazed porcelain, 26 x 26.7 x 25.4 cm
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