Kwang Young Chun: New Work (London).

Exhibition, Monograph and 70th Birthday
12th March to 17th April 2014

Press View: Tuesday 11th March, 11 - 1 pm.
Private View: Tuesday, 11th March, 6-8 pm.


To mark Kwang Young Chun’s 70th Birthday in 2014, Bernard Jacobson Gallery will be holding an exhibition of new works from his Aggregation series to coincide with the publication of the Rizzoli monograph, Mulberry Mindscapes. These two significant events will celebrate one of South Korea’s most important artists. 

New Work will focus on Chun’s most recent and distinctive style,large, wall hung works covered in small, triangular forms brought together by a wave of colour. Each triangle is made up of varied sized pieces of polystyrene wrapped in mulberry paper (hanji) and tied neatly with lengths of string. Each triangle is individually coloured with natural dyes. Collectively the differing sized triangles create surfaces that resemble those found in the natural world, such as the bark of a tree or a geological formation, often cratered and scarred. The use of varying tones of a single colour in each work brings an overall mood to the piece. 

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